Twitter Client using Pidgin

I never like gwibber much.. prone to crash and late to update any reply to my Fedora 10 box in my opinion. I love the style and versatility of Twhirl, but never got this AIR thingie way doing things for Linux. I mean, why should give full root access to Adobe AIR and subsequently Twhirl? Unless Adobe sort itself out, I always stick to Gwibber… until today.

During browsing of Fedora repo, I found that there’s actually an extension of twitter to be used with Pidgin. After twitter stop all IM’s message coming from Jabber XMPP implementation, I never thought this day will come ever again. Not only that, and laconica server implementation is also supported (although normal XMPP already works fine on those 2 and laconica).

yum install purple-microblog

should do the trick. Now all twitter message should be update from your pidgin.



2 thoughts on “Twitter Client using Pidgin”

  1. it is actually really nice.

    now don’t forget that it is a twitter client, don’t mistake it as a chat client. i almost flooded my twitter feed that time.

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