Plone xlhtml error

Salam All, It had been a long time since I last update here. Actually I got married to a very lovely lady last December and lovely lady doesnt like to be ignored against all the open source beauties (she personally hates me pronouncing twitter and facebook!). Anyway here are some of the pictures for anyone interested:-

Okay today I encountered one problem with My plone website. My setup of Plone is something like this:-

    Centos 5.2 running on XEN
    Plone 3.1.2
    arofficetransform, arofficepreview products

My problem is that I cant upload the Excel files and I encounter this error

Time 2009/01/02 10:28:50.356 GMT+8
User Name (User Id) anuar (anuar)
Request URL http://192.x.x.x:8080/Members/anuar/portal_factory/File/file.2009-01-02.3019799598/atct_edit
Exception Type MissingBinary
Exception Value Unable to find binary "xlhtml" in /sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin

After some google search and asking around on IRC (thanks kaeru), apparently I forgot to install the “xlhtml” package to transform and render excel files into HTML for indexing and preview. I could not find any “xlhtml” package for Centos 5 but resort to using Fedora 6 built as both OS sharing the same underlying code base.

You can find the package at
and upon installation of that RPM package I did not get the error anymore.


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